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Mini Ninjas and a Virus.

There’s many things that can confuse people in this world.

Whether it be a virus that you’re computer randomly gets, or a weird new game out from Steam. Yes, my computer at home got a virus from nothing at all, and now freezes on start up, and it’s impossible to get to the virus checker thing. So I’m now stuck from only getting on the computer at UCF when mom has class. I won’t be getting my laptop until December 25, otherwise known as Christmas.

I also just saw this awesome new game released on Steam…

In the wrap-up, I won’t be on until December, if not then, I don’t know.

Call somebody, get a hobby, I’ll be back.

Science Project.

Alas, it’s that time of year.

Where two weeks into the school year they make you do a full-blown science project when your brain has been fried by videogames and the summer heat. But, I had a choice last year, I could do the project for extra credit, or I don’t have to do it. But with my luck, I was the teacher’s pet last year so now I’m in advanced.

Where you have to do it.

When you think of a science project you’re like, “Frick, how do we do that again?” I mean, the last time I did one was in 5th grade and it was horrible, so you get the idea. We were supposed to take pictures of the experiment but I only had 1 image from Google. I decorated the poster-board with like 20 pictures of the same thing.

This year, we only have to write a paper, but if we win the school fair, we make a tri-fold thing, and enter the county contest, then if we place 3rd or higher, we move on to state. My subject this year is Computer Science, I’ll be testing 2 video-cards to see which is better. A NVIDIA or a HP I think. I’ll be having Antonio, my college friend, be doing everything, but it’s alright. For me.

Today I won’t be on much, maybe like once every 3 hours, because I finally get to play Counter-Strike: Source again. I’m probably going to be mad though, I might be really, really bad with weeks of no practice.

Anyway, I’ll talk to you guys later.

Cookie Dough.

Yeah, I really couldn’t think of a post title.

I keep having a weird thought of getting a camera and posting a live feed to this site, and just like wearing the camera all day. Weird. I realize I haven’t posted at all about school, really. So here’s some details…

I have two advanced classes, Advanced Science and Advanced Civics. My favorite class is either Math, because he has a cool pen thats like a Nintendo DS on the whiteboard. Or Advanced Science because the teacher’s so funny.

Whatever. =)
“Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless.” -Mother Theresa


Hey everyone,

So I heard that Heyitsmeh is back early and she posted about her awesome-sounding trip. Well, I hope she enjoyed her trip, because school starts soon. Personally, I’ve been in school for a week (I finally get a weekend off) and so far it’s alright.

But there’s been some annoying things that have been well, annoying me.

First of all, the people that were in 7th grade last year think they’re all of a sudden way better then us and don’t care if they cuss at us or push us in the halls. And when I say push in the hall, I’m not a small dude, and normally I don’t get pushed.

And I don’t like when I get pushed.

Then I can hear them talking to there friends saying “He’s so stupid, he rides my bus, I hate him”

Maybe if you f***ing knew me you could make that call!

So, already I’m really waiting for these 8th grader jackasses to leave for once and for all.

“It doesn’t matter what happens to you, but how you react to it.”

I think that fits this post, thanks to Heyitsmeh for the idea.

Just 178 Days to Go!

Well, the 2nd day of school is now over.

As the title says, just 178 days to go. It’s gonna be a long year. What’s bad is that all of my friends are in Year 9 (8th grade) so they will be in High School, when I’m starting 8th grade.

I got no classes I wanted, yesterday, but today I got a schedule change and now I have EVERY class I wanted. So I’m happy that tomorrow I’ll get to see my new classes.


School, again.

Well, it’s that time of year again.

In exactly 24 hours I’ll be walking on the bus. And you know what that means, less time on the computer, less posts, and more homework. So I’m sorry if I can’t post everyday. I’ll try to post every other day.



Hey everyone,

Yes it’s true, I’ve made a very awesome Twitter.  I like it alot, so go ahead and follow me on this one.  I think it’s probably the best I’ve ever made.  Not to be bragging or anything.


So far I’ve been following Rob Dyrdek, the NBA, and ICHC.  If you don’t know Rob Dyrdek is a professional skater, the NBA is, well, the NBA, and ICHC is a awesome website. 

A Twitter widget is going to be up soon, but if you can’t wait then the link is




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