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Mini Ninjas and a Virus.

There’s many things that can confuse people in this world.

Whether it be a virus that you’re computer randomly gets, or a weird new game out from Steam. Yes, my computer at home got a virus from nothing at all, and now freezes on start up, and it’s impossible to get to the virus checker thing. So I’m now stuck from only getting on the computer at UCF when mom has class. I won’t be getting my laptop until December 25, otherwise known as Christmas.

I also just saw this awesome new game released on Steam…

In the wrap-up, I won’t be on until December, if not then, I don’t know.

Call somebody, get a hobby, I’ll be back.

Ghost Dog.

I was just watching this show called Dogs 101 on Animal Planet. It tells you about cool breeds, like the Jack Russell.

My favorite breed, by the way.

So this guys dog dies and he’s really sad about, so a few days later he goes walking in the park. It was a foggy day, and while walking he notices a white speck running out of the fog. He gets closer and realizes it’s a Jack Russell.

The Jack Russell is extremely friendly and has no tags, or anything, so he takes it home. He contacts animal shelters and no results come up.

3 weeks later he took the dog for a walk in the cemetary on Veteran’s Day. The dog kept trying to get more lease, so the owner put out more. The dog lead him to a grave that was almost completely covered with leaves and dirt. The Jack Russel dug and dug until the grave was uncovered.

On the grave was the name ‘Jack Russell’ who died on Veteran’s Day years ago.
The owner still has the dog to this day.

(I think the person who died’s soul is in the dog or something. What do you think?)

Science Project.

Alas, it’s that time of year.

Where two weeks into the school year they make you do a full-blown science project when your brain has been fried by videogames and the summer heat. But, I had a choice last year, I could do the project for extra credit, or I don’t have to do it. But with my luck, I was the teacher’s pet last year so now I’m in advanced.

Where you have to do it.

When you think of a science project you’re like, “Frick, how do we do that again?” I mean, the last time I did one was in 5th grade and it was horrible, so you get the idea. We were supposed to take pictures of the experiment but I only had 1 image from Google. I decorated the poster-board with like 20 pictures of the same thing.

This year, we only have to write a paper, but if we win the school fair, we make a tri-fold thing, and enter the county contest, then if we place 3rd or higher, we move on to state. My subject this year is Computer Science, I’ll be testing 2 video-cards to see which is better. A NVIDIA or a HP I think. I’ll be having Antonio, my college friend, be doing everything, but it’s alright. For me.

Today I won’t be on much, maybe like once every 3 hours, because I finally get to play Counter-Strike: Source again. I’m probably going to be mad though, I might be really, really bad with weeks of no practice.

Anyway, I’ll talk to you guys later.

If You’re Reading This, Comment!

Hey everyone, it’s Josie, from Feeling Red. I’m a new admin here!

I’m posting for Jay today, so yeah. Hm. Anyway, I saw the comments in the past week, and no-one seems to be commenting here anymore! I’m just wondering why, because a few months ago, when this blog was new, he used to get loads of comments! What happened? Lol anyway, just out of interest, I just want to try something…

Okay, whoever read this, whether you just glanced at this or read the whole thing, comment. I just want to know how many people actually read the posts, lol. So, please comment if you’re reading this! Thanks!


Cookie Dough.

Yeah, I really couldn’t think of a post title.

I keep having a weird thought of getting a camera and posting a live feed to this site, and just like wearing the camera all day. Weird. I realize I haven’t posted at all about school, really. So here’s some details…

I have two advanced classes, Advanced Science and Advanced Civics. My favorite class is either Math, because he has a cool pen thats like a Nintendo DS on the whiteboard. Or Advanced Science because the teacher’s so funny.

Whatever. =)
“Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless.” -Mother Theresa


I’m going back to school for the second week…

I’m excited because I was so bored during the summer and all I did was talk to Heyitsmeh on I finally get to see my friends again, although Megan and Gabi both moved, and Hannah really hates me for some random girl reason.

For the first time in months I went back to Shyshy6510’s site ‘Dream’ and saw two pictures that desribe me perfectly:


Hahaha, RuneScape. And of course, my personal favorite, which will be on the sidebar shortly.


Epic win.

-Jay (Hat)
I’ve decided my new nickname will be Hat! Or Beanie, whichever you prefer.


I like naps, they’re nice.

Naps aren’t only convientent, but you can take one anytime you want! In your bed, in the car, at school, or even in the shower! So go naps!

Do you like naps?



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