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Tag der Niederlage: Quelle

(I will now do this post in German with my awesome skillz homie.  Lol.)

Tag der Niederlage: Quelle ist im Grunde ein First Person Shooter mit Multiplayer nur.  Sie können entweder American oder Deutsch sein.  Es gibt viele Karten zur Auswahl, aber ich nicht mehr alle jetzt auflisten.  Trotzdem, genießen Sie dieser epischen Trailer von Steam!

(Day of Defeat: Source is essentially a first person shooter with multiplayer only.  You can be either American or German.  There are many maps to choose from, but I no longer wish to list all of them now.  Anyway, enjoy this epic trailer from Steam!)

(It’s in German but there is subtitles for the un-bilingual…)


Ranked #1

<Hey guys,

I just dropped by to tell you guys I am currently ranked number 1 with the IDF Defender (Galil) on Counter-Strike: Source. I have over 300 kills with it and 49% of all of my kills are headshots.


The Galil is this weapon.


 I can’t believe I’m ranked number 1. Tonight I’m going to try and further my lead.  Check out my complete ranks and stats at
Peace out!
-Dr. Jay

Zombie Land!

Alright, so I just saw the trailer for zombie land, and let me tell you something, it’s awesome. Being a big Left 4 Dead fan, this movie looks awesome.

It’s so awesome!

Science Project.

Alas, it’s that time of year.

Where two weeks into the school year they make you do a full-blown science project when your brain has been fried by videogames and the summer heat. But, I had a choice last year, I could do the project for extra credit, or I don’t have to do it. But with my luck, I was the teacher’s pet last year so now I’m in advanced.

Where you have to do it.

When you think of a science project you’re like, “Frick, how do we do that again?” I mean, the last time I did one was in 5th grade and it was horrible, so you get the idea. We were supposed to take pictures of the experiment but I only had 1 image from Google. I decorated the poster-board with like 20 pictures of the same thing.

This year, we only have to write a paper, but if we win the school fair, we make a tri-fold thing, and enter the county contest, then if we place 3rd or higher, we move on to state. My subject this year is Computer Science, I’ll be testing 2 video-cards to see which is better. A NVIDIA or a HP I think. I’ll be having Antonio, my college friend, be doing everything, but it’s alright. For me.

Today I won’t be on much, maybe like once every 3 hours, because I finally get to play Counter-Strike: Source again. I’m probably going to be mad though, I might be really, really bad with weeks of no practice.

Anyway, I’ll talk to you guys later.


Hey guys,

I just found out about these Counter-Strike: Source Tournaments.  You enter them, and if you win you get money.  I’ve decided to focus my time on thoughs and hopefully I’ll win some money.  Uh, keep with me on Twitter at,  I’ll keep you up to date with it.

Probably won’t post on here, but remember I’ll be on Twitter.



Good news everyone!

(Whoah, I sound like Professer from Futurama.)

So far Summer’s been pretty lame. I haven’t gone anywhere, done anything, or nothing. Things have changed though. While lying in bed one night I was thinking about all the stuff I disliked about Club Penguin.

One of the things was this stupid penguin I saw on Frozen about 2 months ago. His name was Cove, and everyone was crowding him like a bunch of idiots because these noobs thought he was a beta.

For your information, dumbass, your so much of a noob that you don’t even know that the Cove came out Summer of 2007. When betas were around it or the Forest wasn’t even around.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Besides Club Penguin stuff, I got new shoes, and if I get A’s and B’s in school next year I get a laptop, which is way better then what I’m using right now.

(Computer at the college library.)

I’ve also thought of every once in a while having a thought in my post.  My thoughts will be in the grey color.


In other news, I got FIFA 2004 for my Playstation 2.  FIFA 2004 is made by EA Sports, and something.  I’ve been playing as Liverpool, thanks to Skatagirl96.

Getting me hooked on that team.

My favorite players are Michael Owens and Milan Baros.  But I recently learned Michael Owens traded to a different team that’s also in the game, Manchester United.  Since the game is something like 6 years old, the rosters different, too.  So I don’t even know if the same players are still on the team.

. . . . . .Which sucks.

Well, that’d be it for now I suppose.



My Saturday!

Hey guys!

I had a awesome day yesterday, I’m gonna tell you the entire story.

I woke up around 9am, then around 11am we went to Gamestop (which is like a videogame store) We were planning to meet my friend Antonio that’s 24, and I was gonna hang out with him. It turns out, he got lost going to Gamestop, or something like that! My mom finally dropped me off at the Chinese Buffet (because Antonio is Asain) and then my mom left. About 15 minutes later me and Antonio had a awesome lunch/dinner of Chinese food. After that, me and him went to Starbucks, and we got on our laptops and played on Steam! I beat him in Left 4 Dead, of course. After about 7 hours of sipping coffee and playing games, Starbucks eventually kicked us out. It was 1:30am in the morning, and we then went to 7/11. I got a Slurpee and a bag of Funoins! Then Antonio dropped me off at my house around 2 in the morning, and we talked until about 3. Around 4 in the morning either turned of the TV and went to bed, or I passed out.

I can’t remember!



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