Cookie Dough.

Yeah, I really couldn’t think of a post title.

I keep having a weird thought of getting a camera and posting a live feed to this site, and just like wearing the camera all day. Weird. I realize I haven’t posted at all about school, really. So here’s some details…

I have two advanced classes, Advanced Science and Advanced Civics. My favorite class is either Math, because he has a cool pen thats like a Nintendo DS on the whiteboard. Or Advanced Science because the teacher’s so funny.

Whatever. =)
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1 Response to “Cookie Dough.”

  1. 1 Josie September 1, 2009 at 3:51 am

    Lol, nice post title.

    I can’t stand Maths, but I don’t know why, lol. We don’t have advanced classes here; we have top, middle, and bottom. Top is the best and bottom is the worst.

    And we have those cool whiteboards with the touch screen thing in nearly every classroom, except for the Maths block and the Science block. That’s why Maths and Science ar so boring for me. 😆

    Jay says
    My science teacher had it two years ago at my old school but now Maths is the only class with one. Because of the economy they can’t afford them or something.

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