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I’ve noticed for the longer I’ve had this blog, the more in-personal it gets. One person comments maybe a week, which I don’t like. I need interaction! Comment, comment, comment!

If you’re new to the site, I just would like to point some things out.

  • We have commenting games, just click the games page above, and select your game.
  • We have fun facts to learn about, although some may be mature.
  • We have a hilarious FAQ which actually makes sense!
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Like I said, support our site by getting a Random Jay banner.  If you comment to us telling us you have a banner, and you can prove it, as long as you have the banner up you’ll be on our blogroll.  There is 2 different ways you can get this banner.

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Otherwise known as inserting a hyperlink.


Please add the banner, and remember to comment. 


Cookie Dough.

Yeah, I really couldn’t think of a post title.

I keep having a weird thought of getting a camera and posting a live feed to this site, and just like wearing the camera all day. Weird. I realize I haven’t posted at all about school, really. So here’s some details…

I have two advanced classes, Advanced Science and Advanced Civics. My favorite class is either Math, because he has a cool pen thats like a Nintendo DS on the whiteboard. Or Advanced Science because the teacher’s so funny.

Whatever. =)
“Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless.” -Mother Theresa



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