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I’m going back to school for the second week…

I’m excited because I was so bored during the summer and all I did was talk to Heyitsmeh on I finally get to see my friends again, although Megan and Gabi both moved, and Hannah really hates me for some random girl reason.

For the first time in months I went back to Shyshy6510’s site ‘Dream’ and saw two pictures that desribe me perfectly:


Hahaha, RuneScape. And of course, my personal favorite, which will be on the sidebar shortly.


Epic win.

-Jay (Hat)
I’ve decided my new nickname will be Hat! Or Beanie, whichever you prefer.


I like naps, they’re nice.

Naps aren’t only convientent, but you can take one anytime you want! In your bed, in the car, at school, or even in the shower! So go naps!

Do you like naps?


What’s up, everyone?

So, in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve switched the theme like the 2nd time ever, it’s been getting old, so, you know.

Don’t expect this to be the permanent new theme, it’s going to be changing almost daily, as I’m looking for another theme to call my own.

The widgets will also probably change, as with possibly the pages. As always, suggestions are widely appreciated and all ideas will be tried out. Except deleting the site, or something…

Anyway, I know Skatagirl96 quit her Club Penguin blog, yeah, yeah, don’t cry. She has a surprise in store, which I have already said to much about.

By the way, I have no clue which new theme to choose, so ask for a specific theme, and we’ll try it out.

Thanks for the cooperation.

I now feel important.


Hey everyone,

So I heard that Heyitsmeh is back early and she posted about her awesome-sounding trip. Well, I hope she enjoyed her trip, because school starts soon. Personally, I’ve been in school for a week (I finally get a weekend off) and so far it’s alright.

But there’s been some annoying things that have been well, annoying me.

First of all, the people that were in 7th grade last year think they’re all of a sudden way better then us and don’t care if they cuss at us or push us in the halls. And when I say push in the hall, I’m not a small dude, and normally I don’t get pushed.

And I don’t like when I get pushed.

Then I can hear them talking to there friends saying “He’s so stupid, he rides my bus, I hate him”

Maybe if you f***ing knew me you could make that call!

So, already I’m really waiting for these 8th grader jackasses to leave for once and for all.

“It doesn’t matter what happens to you, but how you react to it.”

I think that fits this post, thanks to Heyitsmeh for the idea.

Just 178 Days to Go!

Well, the 2nd day of school is now over.

As the title says, just 178 days to go. It’s gonna be a long year. What’s bad is that all of my friends are in Year 9 (8th grade) so they will be in High School, when I’m starting 8th grade.

I got no classes I wanted, yesterday, but today I got a schedule change and now I have EVERY class I wanted. So I’m happy that tomorrow I’ll get to see my new classes.


School, again.

Well, it’s that time of year again.

In exactly 24 hours I’ll be walking on the bus. And you know what that means, less time on the computer, less posts, and more homework. So I’m sorry if I can’t post everyday. I’ll try to post every other day.


Liverpool vs. Stokes

Liverpool roared to a comprehensive victory – etching away the misery of the opening defeat to Spurs, and the memory of last season’s two 0-0 draws against Stoke City.

With Skrtel out of the squad after failing to recover from his fractured jaw, Daniel Ayala, made his full debut for Liverpool. Glen Johnson was also making his first competitive debut at Anfield – and elsewhere Benayoun replaced Babel in the starting line up.

It didn’t take long for Liverpool to open their account. A move down the right wing saw Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard set Torres up who banged in the reds opener in the 4th minute.


Liverpool were the more attacking side but it was Stoke who saw the best of the opening half’s set pieces – although the reds dealt easily with Delap’s thunderous throws.

Glen Johnson was a constant threat for the reds, seemingly combining the roles of right winger and right back.

Lucas Leiva was also marshalling the midfield excellently – covering for Mascherano who still needs to learn to do his talking with the ball and not at the ref.

Johnson was lucky to escape a two footed lunge then went unpunished and towards the end of the half Torres face collided with Ryan Shawcross and after a mini blood-bath on the pitch he went off to receive 9 temporary stitches across his left eyebrow.


Insua had opportunities to double the reds lead but the opportunity passed him by.

As the first half wore down, Gerrard sent in a penetrating corner which eventually arrived within bicycle-kick range of Glen Johnson who fired home to score on his Liverpool debut.


HT: 2-0

Stoke had the first real chance of the second half. Ryan Delap’s shot magnificently saved by Pepe Reina in the reds goal.

In the 50th minute Johnson made a fine clearance in what was one of Stoke’s last chances of the game.

As the second half wore on Liverpool’s passing quality rose to the fore, and Liverpool’s third goal was a brilliant team goal. Some excellent passing, a neat turn and pass by Gerrard and Dirk Kuyt fired the reds third in the 78th minute.

Gerrard, Torres and Kuyt all got a deserved round of applause as they were replaced and it was Voronin who took down a long field pass and almost scored the reds 4th.

But that accolade went to David N’gog – a great bit of running from Johnson saw his shot parried by the keeper and N’gog headed the ball home in the 93rd minute to see the reds deliver a demolition to Stoke City.


The man of the match was Glen Johnson. In the end Liverpool won 4 – 0.

Great comeback game!

Very special thanks to for information.



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