What’s up, guys?

So I just got back from the dentist and I’m feeling very clean, mhmm. I got a cleaning or whatever and some stuff. I get these every 6 months.

Um, yeah, so I hooked up that cool thing Skatagirl96 has at her site. It’s a music player thing. I used to have something like that on my old site but it got cancelled or something. Whatever, I got it now, and I love it.

I’m gonna go ahead and post some Harry Potter 6 spoilers. So if you can’t see the movie, click more. Warning: Don’t click if you are going to see the movie!

So the movie starts off with Harry getting ready for another year at Hogwarts. He goes through the school year without much trouble unti; Death Eaters start to try and get to Hogwarts.

While on break or something, the Weasley’s house burns down from the Death Eaters and the family is almost killed. Harry and Mr. Weasley chase after them and are almost killed.

Harry’s friendship with Ron’s sister continues to grow and while searching for a teleport thing, they kiss. Malfoy decides to become a death eater.

Dumbledore tells Harry to go through the memories of Voldemort, then known as Tom Riddle. He is seen as a child at a orphanage.

Later Dumbledore tells Harry to look at the memories of Tom Riddle at Hogwarts and finds that Tom Riddle is very interested in living forever by cutting his soul in half, and hiding it. Sort of like Davey Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean, except with his soul, not his heart.

Eventually Harry and Dumbledore figure out that’s how he’s living forever and can’t die. Harry and Dumbledore search for Voldemort’s hidden soul. They find it and have it when a bunch of undead people come out of this underground lake and they have to fight them off.

Dumbledore is almost killed because the only way to destroy the soul is to eat it. And Voldemort’s soul is so evil it makes him sick, apparently.

Harry and Dumbledore apparate to Hogwarts where Malfoy and the Death Eaters are waiting to kill him. Malfoy chickens and that evil teacher Snape (which is really a Death Eater) runs up and uses a spell which knocks Dumbledore out the window. Dumbledore falls and is killed.

Harry runs to safety and then the mourn Dumbledore at his funeral. Snape gets away or something and the gang at Hogwarts stand there like idiots as a Pheonix flies away.

The pheonix represents Dumbledore (and it’s his pet) as the Pheonix lives after death and is reborn.

The End.
. . . .for now.

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  1. 1 Jay July 21, 2009 at 6:30 pm

    Sorry for spelling errors I typed it fast.

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