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I hate Sundays. They suck. Besides going to church and other random stuff, it’s not cool. School tomorrow, erm. I don’t like school, at least summer is coming soon enough, in a month or two. I get to see my special girl though, which I’m happy about.

I’ve figured out some stuff about this site. You know, stuff that you don’t need to know, but I’m going to tell you anyway. To view this site the way you’re supposed to, do this.

1. On the top of the screen there’s this thing that says File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools, Help.
2. Click on View.
3. Click on Text Size or Font Size, whichever it is.
4. Click on Medium.

The page should then reload correctly. So there, now you see the site as I do. Also, you might have noticed that I deleted the page Suggestions because it wasn’t getting any traffic. So this morning I typed up a page about how to be green. Yeah, you should check it out. But before you do, it says 25 Green Tips, yep, there’s only 10. So I’m still typing up the other 15, and hopefully most of them will be up there, eventually.

So what’s did you do over the weekend?

Random News.

Hey everyone,

Here’s what’s been going on for the past weeks.

I’m here to announce that contest I was having before close since no one entered, or didn’t meet the requirements.

1,000 Hits.
Yeah, so we got 1,000 hits, thanks for coming everyone. It discourages me that some people get 20,000 views a month, but for a personal blog I think this is coming along well.

Yup, we’re looking for a editor, I don’t know what I would need them for, but my first choices are always Shy, Skata, and a good friend like that. You know, like top contributors.

Big News.
So I’ve done quite a few things with the site. I’ve added some new widgets, like Upcoming Events, copyright, and more. Don’t forget a Twitter widget will be released soon. I added a new header, we all need a change, right? I took the graphics from my Myspace, and pasted it together, it looks nice. The new website colors are now white and yellow. My name-plate to the right is going to be changed soon, hopefully.

I didn’t go to school for the past 2 days, but I’ll tell you about that later.


Sorry I haven’t posted in a while guys, I’ve been busy.

So let me catch you up to whats been going on. First of all, me and Gabi say we love each other every day now. Yesterday though Gabi got suspended because some bitch fought her! So she’s suspended for 3 days, (2 now) and I’m really missing her.

I went to the book fair, and I got the Guiness world records for gamers or something. It’s pretty neat! I hope I’ll be in it someday, haha!

For some odd reason, the girl I used to go out with (Brittany) is now suddenly talking to me again. I don’t think she misses me, we only went out for 3 days, but I don’t know.
I now joined the Edge Gamers clan, or whatever, in Day of Defeat: Source. I’m going to advanced Geography as well.

So, I’m off to eat dinner, then a night of DOD:S.

FAQ Update.

Hey everyone!

I just updated the FAQ page, it’s so awesome! Check it out here. Or if that link doesn’t work, check it out by copying and pasting this into your address bar.

But if you’re too lazy for that, just click the page. Please check out the page!


New Rules.

So most people want to break rules.

You probably don’t want to break these. Or bad things might happen. Anyway, here’s the new rule changes.

  • Swearing is now allowed.
  • The limit on ‘Continue the Story’ is now 4 sentences.
  • Do not ask dumb questions on FAQ.
  • No more Blog Ranking stuff on the side bar.

I also tried out some new themes. Then…

  • Changed the side bar.
  • -Added Copyright.
    -Deleted Vote for Me.

  • Made a header.
  • -Not up yet.
    -Porbably not going to be anytime soon.

    Remember, 1,000 hits is coming soon so remember if you’d like to be a editor, comment when we get 1,000 hits.

    Awesome thing!
    If you’re the lucky person to be the 1,000th visitor, you’ll get something awesome! If you are, send me a picture of the hits at


    Blog Stats

    Hey guys,

    The last time I checked, we’re slowly dropping hits.  Which sucks!  So please add us to your blogroll and get a widget.  Here’s our blog stats as of today.


    As you can see, we had like 117 hits the first spike. That’s now dropped to about 45 hits a day. So again, add us to your blogroll!

    In other news, a new page about the envirement is coming soon! Don’t forget to comment what you think about it when it comes out! And, there’s a FAQ page now, where you can ask me questions, and then they’ll get answered!


    I’m in Love.

    I think.

    It’s actually been a while now. So, I don’t know. But she’s amazing, and I really want to go out with her. I’m not giving names, but, she’s awesome. Also, 2 girls like me, which sucks, but not really, because I know who I like!

    In other news, I’m not going to be sharing my picture anytime soon, because SOME people don’t even share their real names! I don’t feel a need for it, anyway. School was okay, I hugged Hannah for the first time in weeks, and I’m hugging you-know-who. She got transferred to my Language Arts class, too.

    If you want to see a funny and more of the story, click below.
    Continue reading ‘I’m in Love.’



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