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Detention & Fun!

Hey guys,

Well, I had detention today for chewing gum.  So did my friend Cody, haha.  Usually, I chew gum everyday, just I got ‘smart’ enough to chew it right in front of her.  Ha.  Anyway, school was okay today, at least I didn’t get in trouble!  And remember Hannah?  We went out a month ago, so that might have been what the dream was about.  I asked her out today, too.  Remember how I said I slouched against a pole and sulked?  That was because my friend moved away today.  And remember everything after that?

That really happened!

So now me and Hannah are going out, although I still like Megan too, though. But for now, she’s going out with Matthew, so I’ll lay off with that. See you guys tomorrow, I guess.


Another Dream!

Whoah guys, this is weird.

So, for some random reason, my dog was at school. I saw it run away and couldn’t catch it, and I got sad. I sat down against a pole and sulked. All of a sudden, Hannah knealed next to me, and pecked me on the cheek with a kiss! She then said “I love you.” and then went away! Then I woke up! What’s with these dreams, are you serious? Is something really messed up in my head? Comment your ideas!

And, I’d like to thank you for the 200 hits, guys. And in just one day, too. And, the day the site started, which in my book is a “Fast Growing WordPress Blog” or whatever they call it. Thanks for coming guys!
Also, more news, too. Haha, long post, huh? I have detention on Tuesday, so I might no be able to post, I’ll try though.


This Girl . . .

Hey again guys!

Wow, guess what happened on Friday? Did you guess? I’lll wait.

Ready now? Okay, so I was standing on a ledge at my school, and Megan ran up to me. She hugged me, and I said I loved her. She said “I love you too.” I grabbed her hand, and she kissed me on the cheek. Then, we hugged again, and then she ran off. I smiled at my best friend Kyle, and he said “Dude.”

It was the best dream of my life. Lol!

Keep Chillin’


Hey guys,

Welcome to my blog. On this, you’ll find my latest thoughts, creations, or whatever. This is not going to be updated every day, I’ll do it when I like. I hope you have fun on my site and it should be done in a few days. This blog is for anything and everything, so enjoy, and have fun.




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