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Tag der Niederlage: Quelle

(I will now do this post in German with my awesome skillz homie.  Lol.)

Tag der Niederlage: Quelle ist im Grunde ein First Person Shooter mit Multiplayer nur.  Sie können entweder American oder Deutsch sein.  Es gibt viele Karten zur Auswahl, aber ich nicht mehr alle jetzt auflisten.  Trotzdem, genießen Sie dieser epischen Trailer von Steam!

(Day of Defeat: Source is essentially a first person shooter with multiplayer only.  You can be either American or German.  There are many maps to choose from, but I no longer wish to list all of them now.  Anyway, enjoy this epic trailer from Steam!)

(It’s in German but there is subtitles for the un-bilingual…)


I’m still alive!

Well, it’s been a while.

So, school is officially over for me and I’m just chilling over at Eric’s house. I just graduated from seventh grade and this is my first official post on an iPod touch!

Anyway, from now on I will try to post at least once a week.


Edgegamers was founded on July 1st, 2006 by JohnT and Artimus, with just a website and a Day of Defeat: Source Avalanche server. Slayr357, Kendle, Kamakize Tommy, Rashell, and Dominion soon joined on, creating the first Edgegamers Council. What was to come was the transformation of a small fledgling clan into a shining city on the hill. Additional Day of Defeat: Source servers were added soon after. These quickly gained top rankings around the world, and with a few promising games getting ready to hit the market, talks about expanding were being held in Council.

On October 10th, 2007 the Orange Box was released, containing Team Fortress 2. With that, the Team Fortress 2 division was officially launched. GardenGroveVW, MasterofPuppets, Baron Rojo, and Drunken Sailor were asked to spearhead the TF2 division. This new division grew Edgegamers by more than double its members in short time.

Seeing our success in Day of Defeat and Team Fortress 2, we decided to test the waters with other FPS games. Mostly Harmless was asked to step into the top leadership spot for a CS:S division and Kamakize Tommy took over COD. Both of those units run like well oiled machines and have very popular servers.

GardenGroveVW and Drunken Sailor have taken responsibility of the new Insurgency division and those servers have quickly taken the top ranked spots out of all INS servers in the world.

To date, all Edgegamers divisions are doing well under the guidance of the Council, but mainly because of the hard, dedicated work of the Division Leaders and Advisors who have volunteered for those important leadership roles.

These successes are attributed to our mission, which is to provide a place where gamers from all over the world, of all calibers, can meet for family friendly, respectful game play. We like to refer to Edgegamers servers as “punk-free” and often receive notes from those of you who only play in Edgegamers servers, letting us know that you appreciate having a place where your family can game without being surrounded by the abusive stuff you’ll find on many other servers.

This clan’s foundation rests on honor, loyalty, and integrity. We put heavy emphasis on maturity, fair play, helping others, and having a fun and competitive gaming experience that all can enjoy. Because of this, we have attracted the most dedicated members and experienced administrators in the gaming world. eGO has become a place where each admin can and does make a difference. No matter what real life brings, in the world of eGO, you are valued and counted on to help make things right.

I’m still an ‘E’ but, I’m getting there.



Domo is described as “a strange creature that hatched from an egg,” With a large, saw-toothed mouth that is locked wide open. Domo’s favorite food is Japanese-style meat and potato stew, and he has a strong dislike for apples, because of an unexplained mystery in his DNA. Domo can only communicate via producing a low-pitched noise which sounds somewhat like his own name, but other characters appear to understand him. Domo is known to pass gas repeatedly when nervous or upset. I like Domo, so I decided to join his army.




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Jay's a kid from Florida, he likes skating, chilling out with friends, and video games. He's in middle school, 7th grade, and loves blogging.

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